Forms for Staff

1. Self declaration form for medical
2. Tour Form
3. TD DA Performa
4. To Forward Application to outside organization.
5. Application to Apply for LTC.
6. Affidavit for getting passport
7. EDUSAT Performa
8. Vehicle Requisition Form
9. TEQIP TA/Honorarium Form
10. Dependant Form
11. No due Form for Regular/ Contractual Staff
12. No due Form for Consolidated Staff
13. Earned Leave form
14. PF Advance form
15. Application Form for Advance Money
16. TA/DA and Honorarium bill form for practical exam(for external examiner)
17. Bill form practical exam(for internal faculty and staff)
18. ACR Performa Teaching Staff
19. ACR Perfoma Non Teaching
20. ACR Peforma Technical Staff
21. Biometric attendance verifcation performa
22. Guest House Booking Form

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