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Industrial/Insitutional Trainings

As per univerisity curriculum every student has undergo Semester Training (Industrial & Software Training) in its final year of studies. Following is the schedule of Semester-Training designed as per institute policy:
  August - December (Odd Semester)
     (1) Electronics & Comm. Engineering (120)
     (2) Civil Engineering (70)
     (3) Mechnaical Engineering (150)
  January - June (Even Semester)
     (1) Computer Sc. & Engineering (150)
     (2) Electrical Engineering (70)
     (3) Chemical Engineering (40)
     (4) Master of Computer Applications (60)
General Guidelines for Training Providers:
1.SBSSTC Ferozepur do not endorse its students to go for paid training. Therefore, please don't contact TPO and/or Head of Departments for paid trainings.
2.For student reference, Training Provider Companies may Register themselves on our website.
3.It is important to note that Training Provider Company shall be blacklisted incase it is found involved in helping students (in any form) in their final year Major Projects.
4. Students shall be assessed during their training period at times notified by the institute. These assessments must be provided to the institute in sealed form.

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