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Placement Records 2015
Comparison Plots
Course: Branch: Passing Year:

S. No. Course Branch Passing Year Roll No. Student Name Industry Name
1BTechEE20151152405 Jenia Infosys Limited
2BTechCSE20151152318 Lavisha Garg GENPACT
3BTechCSE20151152384 Veenu Garg GENPACT
4BTechCSE20151152362 Sagar Vinayak GENPACT
5BTechECE20151152522 Rahul Kumar NetMAX
6BTechME20151152592 Ishan Sethi NetMAX
7BTechME20151152515 Pooja Kumari NetMAX
8MCAMCA20151322811 Sanampreet Saggu NetMax
9BTechCSE20151152319 Madhur Bhardwaj NetMAX
10BTechCSE20151152332 Nisha NetMAX
11BTechCSE20151152183 Manmeet Kaur Phi Infosoft
12BTechCSE20151152325 Mehak Kaura Phi Infosoft
13BTechCSE20151152265 Jatin Dogra Phi Infosoft
14BTechCSE20151152383 Vandana Phi Infosoft
15BTechCSE20151152322 Manik Tejpal Ripetech Solutions
16BTechCSE20151152325 Mehak Kaura Ripetech Solutions
17BTechECE20151287026 Aakash Deep Dhawan LEAD Telecom Company
18BTechCSE20151152335 Parveen Bala PACT Solutions Pvt Ltd
19MCAMCA20151322812 Shashi PACT Solutions Pvt Ltd
20MCAMCA20151322811 Sanampreet Saggu PIC n FRAMES
21BTechCSE20151152371 Shivani Kochar PIC n FRAMES
22BTechCSE20151152365 Sakshi Puri PIC n FRAMES
23BTechCSE20151152348 Rajiv Gakhar PIC n FRAMES
24BTechCSE20151152307 Kajal Mittal PIC n FRAMES
25BTechCSE20151152325 Mehak Kaura PIC n FRAMES
26BTechCSE20151152183 Manmeet Kaur Ripetech Solutions
27BTechCSE20151152284 Archana Ripetech Solutions
28BTechEE20151152449 Vishal Sharma Ripetech Solutions
29BTechCSE20151152333 Nitin Saluja Ripetech Solutions
30BTechCSE20151152384 Veenu Garg Phi Infosoft
31BTechECE20151186474 Divyanshu Sapolia LEAD Telecom Company
32BTechCSE20151152268 Abhinav Singh Infosys Limited
33BTechCSE20151152283 Apurva Sharma Infosys Limited
34BTechCSE20151152281 Anshu Goyal Infosys Limited
35BTechCSE20151152280 Anmol Mittal Infosys Limited
36BTechECE20151152535 Shubham Arora Infosys Limited
37BTechCSE20151152384 Veenu Garg Infosys Limited
38BTechCE20151152229 Amanjeet Anand Infosys Limited
39BTechECE20151152460 Amandeep Verma Infosys Limited
40BTechCSE20151152340 Prateek Saxena Infosys Limited
41BTechCSE20151152296 Dimple Goyal Infosys Limited
42BTechCSE20151152262 Aarzoo Julka Infosys Limited
43BTechCSE20151152357 Riya Infosys Limited
44BTechCSE20151152342 Pushpendu Singh Infosys Limited
45BTechCSE20151152319 Madhur Bhardwaj Infosys Limited
46BTechCSE20151152265 Jatin Dogra Infosys Limited
47BTechCSE20151152362 Sagar Vinayak Phi Infosoft
48BTechEE20151152388 Atma Ujjwal Phi Infosoft
49BTechCSE20151152350 Rajveer Kaur Technaitra
50BTechCSE20151152372 Sudeep Saxena Technaitra
51BTechCSE20151152183 Manmeet Kaur Infosys Limited
52BTechECE20151152543 Vikas Chopra Infosys Limited
53BTechECE20151152525 Rajat Singh Infosys Limited
54BTechECE20151152528 Ravi Kumar Infosys Limited
55BTechECE20151152534 Shivendra Singh Chauhan Infosys Limited
56BTechCSE20151152362 Sagar Vinayak Infosys Limited
57BTechCSE20151152331 Neha Garg Infosys Limited
58BTechCSE20151152325 Mehak Kaura Infosys Limited
59BTechCE20151152222 Sanand Karwa Infosys Limited
60BTechCSE20151152265 Jatin Dogra Infosys Limited
61BTechECE2014Unknown Vanshika Gupta Infosys Ltd.
62BTechME2014Unknown Amritpal Singh Infosys Ltd.
63BTechECE2014Unknown Shivam Maddaan Infosys Ltd.
64BTechECE2014Unknown Kunwar Divyanshu Infosys Ltd.
65BTechECE2014Unknown Jasvinder Singh Infosys Ltd.
66BTechECE2014Unknown Gurvinder Singh Sandha Infosys Ltd.
67BTechCSE2014Unknown Sidhant Pasricha Infosys Ltd.
68BTechME2014Unknown Pranav Kaushal Infosys Ltd.
69BTechCSE2014Unknown Juhi One Infonet Mohali
70BTechCSE2014Unknown Gaurav Mehta One Infonet Mohali
71BTechCSE2014Unknown Pushpinder Kaur Sidhu One Infonet Mohali
72BTechCSE2014Unknown Komalpreet Kaur One Infonet Mohali
73BTechCSE2014Unknown Prabhjot Kaur One Infonet Mohali
74BTechCSE2014Unknown Preeti One Infonet Mohali
75BTechCSE2014Unknown Shiena Malhotra One Infonet Mohali
76BTechCSE2014Unknown Rohtash One Infonet Mohali
77BTechCSE2014Unknown Rohit Kumar One Infonet Mohali
78BTechCSE2014Unknown Sahiba Goyal Infosys Ltd.
79BTechCSE2014Unknown Ruchi Aggarwal Infosys Ltd.
80BTechCSE2014Unknown Rishabh Narula Infosys Ltd.
81BTechEE2014Unknown Arvind Kumar IATC
82BTechECE2014Unknown Nishant Mehan IATC
83BTechECE2014Unknown Jatinder Kaur IATC
84BTechEE2014Unknown Jatinder Singh IATC
85BTechEE2014Unknown Arjun Singh IATC
86BTechCSE2014Unknown Aastha Singhal Infosys Ltd.
87BTechCSE2014Unknown Akshunuya Bharti Infosys Ltd.
88BTechCSE2014Unknown Aman Kumar Infosys Ltd.
89BTechCSE2014Unknown Gaurav Kumar Infosys Ltd.
90BTechCSE2014Unknown Harpreet Kaur Dhillon Infosys Ltd.
91BTechCSE2014Unknown Jasmine Jaidka Infosys Ltd.
92BTechCSE2014Unknown Komal Grover Infosys Ltd.
93BTechCSE2014Unknown Manpreet Singh Infosys Ltd.
94BTechCSE2014Unknown Mehak Aggarwal Infosys Ltd.
95BTechCSE2014Unknown Priyanka Sharma Infosys Ltd.
96BTechCSE2014Unknown Ribhu Chawla Infosys Ltd.
97BTechCSE2014Unknown Shiena Malhotra Arcadian Technocrats
98BTechECE20141006600418284 Manpreet Singh LEAD Telecom Company
99BTechCSE2014Unknown Priya Maheshwari VVDN Technologies
100BTechCSE2014Unknown Sahil Sethi VVDN Technologies
101BTechCSE2014Unknown Archit VVDN Technologies
102BTechCSE2014Unknown Juhi VVDN Technologies
103BTechCSE2014Unknown Rajan Kumar VVDN Technologies
104BTechCSE2014Unknown Avish Manocha VVDN Technologies
105BTechECE2014Unknown Nishant Mehan VVDN Technologies
106BTechECE2014Unknown Priyanka Khangarot VVDN Technologies
107BTechECE2014Unknown Neha VVDN Technologies
108BTechCHE2014Unknown Jasdeep Wipro Ltd. BPO
109BTechCSE2014Unknown Vaishav Dubey Zscaler Softech India Private Ltd.
110BTechCHE2014Unknown Mohit Mittal Alchem International Ltd.
111BTechCSE2014Unknown Ankita Gupta United Health Group
112BTechCSE2014Unknown Prabhjot Kaur United Health Group
113BTechECE2014Unknown Rahul Kantrore HCL Technologies Technologies
114BTechECE2014100660480347 Paras Palta LEAD Telecom Company
115BTechCSE2014Unknown Rhythm Gupta Infosys Ltd.
116BTechME2014Unknown Ramneek Singh Brar Unit Nexus
117MCAMCA2014Unknown Rupinder Kaur Unit Nexus
118BTechME2014Unknown Anshul Arora Rockman Industries
119BTechME2014Unknown Ramneek Singh Brar Rockman Industries
120BTechME2014Unknown Ashish Sharma Rockman Industries
121BTechME2014Unknown Pranav Kaushal Rockman Industries
122MCAMCA2014Unknown Vandana One Infonet Mohali
123BTechECE2014Unknown Rahul Kantore One Infonet Mohali
124BTechCSE2014Unknown Gurdeep Singh One Infonet Mohali
125BTechCSE2014Unknown Rakesh Kumar One Infonet Mohali
126BTechME2014Unknown Shivanshu Dhawan Rockman Industries
127DiplomaME2014Unknown Daljinder Singh Rockman Industries
128MCAMCA2014Unknown Manpreet Singh Unit Nexus
129BTechCSE2014Unknown Sahil Sethi Unit Nexus
130BTechCSE2014Unknown Gurleen Kaur Unit Nexus
131DiplomaME2014Unknown Akhilesh Chandra Rockman Industries
132DiplomaME2014Unknown Jagsir Singh Rockman Industries
133DiplomaME2014Unknown Satpal Singh Rockman Industries
134DiplomaME2014Unknown Puneet Kumar Rockman Industries
135DiplomaME2014Unknown Puneet Pandhu Rockman Industries
136BTechECE2013Unknown Rahul Arora VVDN Technologies
137BTechECE2013Unknown Deepak Singh Salaria VVDN Technologies
138BTechECE2013Unknown Deepali Goyal VVDN Technologies
139BTechCSE2013Unknown Bharat Garg Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd.
140BTechCSE2013Unknown Abhishek Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd.
141BTechCSE2013Unknown Sahil Chopra Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd.
142BTechCSE2013Unknown Ruchika Goel Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd.
143BTechME2013Unknown Navitesh Batra Infosys Ltd.
144BTechECE2013Unknown Abhishek Jain VVDN Technologies
145MCAMCA2013Unknown Sania Sethi Betasoft
146MCAMCA2013Unknown Sagar Monga ProActive Soft
147BTechCSE2013Unknown Kanwal Preet Singh Enbake Consulting
148BTechCSE2013Unknown Sahil Chopra Enbake Consulting
149BTechCSE2013Unknown Harjinder Sidhu Enbake Consulting
150BTechME2013Unknown Nikhil Jain GVK Power
151BTechEE2013Unknown Pritam Kumar GVK Power
152BTechEE2013Unknown Yogesh Devali GVK Power
153MCAMCA2013Unknown Rahul Varmani Betasoft
154BTechME2013Unknown Harsh Gupta Infosys Ltd.
155BTechECE2013Unknown Satnam Singh Infosys Ltd.
156BTechECE2013Unknown Ritu Bala Infosys Ltd.
157BTechCSE2013Unknown Anshul Khann Infosys Ltd.
158BTechCSE2013Unknown Bharat Garg Infosys Ltd.
159BTechCSE2013Unknown Ginnitika Garg Infosys Ltd.
160BTechCSE2013Unknown Harpreet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
161BTechCSE2013Unknown Radhika Julka Infosys Ltd.
162BTechCSE2013Unknown Shivani Sethi Infosys Ltd.
163BTechCSE2013Unknown Himanshu Singla Infosys Ltd.
164BTechCSE2013Unknown Aseem Garg Infosys Ltd.
165BTechCSE2013Unknown Mehak Jain Infosys Ltd.
166BTechECE2013Unknown Amanpreet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
167BTechECE2013Unknown Bharti Chauhan Infosys Ltd.
168BTechECE2013Unknown Deepti Sharma Infosys Ltd.
169BTechECE2013Unknown Harleen Kaur Infosys Ltd.
170BTechECE2013Unknown Navneet Bajwa Infosys Ltd.
171BTechECE2013Unknown Pallvi Rani Infosys Ltd.
172BTechECE2013Unknown Rahil Kataria Infosys Ltd.
173BTechECE2013Unknown Ravneet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
174BTechCSE2013Unknown Amandeep S. Channa Infosys Ltd.
175BTechECE2013Unknown Nishchay Accenture
176BTechCSE2013Unknown Nitika Seth SBS State Technical Campus
177BTechCSE2013Unknown Shruti VVDN Technologies
178BTechCSE2013Unknown Pankaj SBS State Technical Campus
179BTechCSE2013Unknown Meenu SBS State Technical Campus
180BTechCSE2013Unknown Pooja SBS State Technical Campus
181BTechCSE2013Unknown Deepak Kumar VVDN Technologies
182BTechCSE2013Unknown Prabhjot Kaur SBS State Technical Campus
183BTechEE2013Unknown Ankur SBS State Technical Campus
184BTechEE2013Unknown Sunil Jyoti SBS State Technical Campus
185BTechEE2013Unknown Shama Bansal SBS State Technical Campus
186BTechECE2013Unknown Etika Goyal SBS State Technical Campus
187BTechECE2013Unknown Shelja Tayal SBS State Technical Campus
188BTechECE2013Unknown Puneet Bindra SBS State Technical Campus
189BTechCHE2013Unknown Jyoti Sharma SBS State Technical Campus
190BTechME2013Unknown Rahul Kumar Infosys Ltd.
191BTechME2013Unknown Navneet Chhabra Infosys Ltd.
192BTechECE2013Unknown Ruchi Malhotra Infosys Ltd.
193BTechCHE2013Unknown Arshdeep Kaur Max India Group
194BTechCHE2013Unknown Gagandeep Kaur Henkel
195BTechCHE2013Unknown Rohit Ghai Henkel
196MCAMCA2013Unknown Kiran Jyoti ProActive Soft
197MCAMCA2013Unknown Sonamdeep Kaur ProActive Soft
198MCAMCA2013Unknown Isha Garg ProActive Soft
199MCAMCA2013Unknown Aarti Sharma ProActive Soft
200MCAMCA2013Unknown Nupur Kochhar ProActive Soft
201MCAMCA2013Unknown Sadhvi Mahazan ProActive Soft
202MCAMCA2013Unknown Anu Arora ProActive Soft
203MCAMCA2013Unknown Ishaan Wadhwa ProActive Soft
204BTechECE2013Unknown Priyanka ProActive Soft
205BTechECE2013Unknown Sonali ProActive Soft
206BTechCSE2013Unknown Vivek Verma MBA
207BTechCSE2013Unknown Neha Naagar MBA
208BTechME2013Unknown Sahil Jain Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
209BTechME2013Unknown Pavneesh Kathuria Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
210BTechME2013Unknown Navitesh Batra Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
211BTechCSE2013Unknown Aseem Garg Indian Air force
212BTechECE2013Unknown Rahil Kataria ProActive Soft
213BTechECE2013Unknown Rohan ProActive Soft
214BTechME2012Unknown Loveneet Vohra ERP gurus
215BTechME2012Unknown Nitesh Kr. Mishra ERP gurus
216MBAMBA2012Unknown Shivam Kapila ERP gurus
217MBAMBA2012Unknown Kriti Sood ERP gurus
218MBAMBA2012Unknown Nazam Manik ERP gurus
219MBAMBA2012Unknown Parul Sharma ERP gurus
220BTechCSE2012Unknown Sapna Infogain
221BTechECE2012Unknown Deepika Nagpal ERP gurus
222BTechECE2012Unknown Heena ERP gurus
223BTechECE2012Unknown Sahil ERP gurus
224BTechECE2012Unknown Shivam Chowdhary ERP gurus
225BTechECE2012Unknown Rimmy Sharma ERP gurus
226BTechCSE2012Unknown Shivani Mittal ERP gurus
227BTechCSE2012Unknown Anita Rani ERP gurus
228BTechCSE2012Unknown Mandeep Kaur ERP gurus
229BTechCSE2012Unknown Shifali Garg ERP gurus
230BTechCSE2012Unknown Sapna Batra ERP gurus
231BTechCSE2012Unknown Shiveta Aren Infogain
232BTechCSE2012Unknown Anita Infogain
233BTechECE2012Unknown Gurwinder Singh Vibetech Solutions
234BTechECE2012Unknown Rimmy Sharma Vibetech Solutions
235BTechECE2012Unknown Sahib Singh Vibetech Solutions
236BTechCSE2012Unknown Gautam Bhardwaj V-serv Solutions
237MBAMBA2012Unknown Shivam Kapila Smart Infra Business Projects
238MBAMBA2012Unknown Parul Sharma Smart Infra Business Projects
239MBAMBA2012Unknown Sanam Smart Infra Business Projects
240BTechCSE2012Unknown Shifali Garg Dell Services
241BTechCSE2012Unknown Sapna Batra Dell Services
242BTechCSE2012Unknown Sakshi Singla Dell Services
243BTechECE2012Unknown Shaini Sachdeva Nokia Seimens
244BTechCSE2012Unknown Sukhdeep Singh Handa Intellisense Technology
245BTechCSE2012Unknown Neetu Rani Intellisense Technology
246BTechCSE2012Unknown Shiffali Garg Infogain
247BTechCSE2012Unknown Gagandeep Pratihar Infogain
248BTechCSE2012Unknown Ashish Infogain
249BTechCSE2012Unknown Shweta Sharma HCL Technologies Comnet
250BTechCSE2012Unknown Ramanjot Kaur NEC HCL Technologies
251BTechCSE2012Unknown Saleem Monga Infosys Ltd.
252BTechCSE2012Unknown Nitesh Kumar Malhotra Infosys Ltd.
253BTechCSE2012Unknown Loveleen Kumari Infosys Ltd.
254BTechCSE2012Unknown Nancy Gupta Infosys Ltd.
255BTechCSE2012Unknown Simranpreet Singh Kalra Infosys Ltd.
256BTechCSE2012Unknown Raghav Sethi Infosys Ltd.
257BTechCSE2012Unknown Khwahish Batra Infosys Ltd.
258BTechCSE2012Unknown Kimsi Bansal Infosys Ltd.
259BTechCSE2012Unknown Simranpal Singh Infosys Ltd.
260BTechCSE2012Unknown Shikha Singal Infosys Ltd.
261BTechCSE2012Unknown Harman Jot Nagra Infosys Ltd.
262BTechCSE2012Unknown Vishal Bansal Infosys Ltd.
263BTechCSE2012Unknown Kuldeep Singh Infosys Ltd.
264BTechCSE2012Unknown Ena Garg Infosys Ltd.
265BTechCSE2012Unknown Shikha Gupta Infosys Ltd.
266BTechCSE2012Unknown Sandeep Dhillon Infosys Ltd.
267BTechCSE2012Unknown Upsana Singla Infosys Ltd.
268BTechCSE2012Unknown Kimsi Bansal Infosys Ltd.
269BTechME2012Unknown Vishal Kumar Infosys Ltd.
270BTechECE2012Unknown Amrish Mittal Infosys Ltd.
271BTechECE2012Unknown Sahib Singh Hundal Infosys Ltd.
272BTechECE2012Unknown Sonal Singh Infosys Ltd.
273BTechECE2012Unknown Arun Garg Infosys Ltd.
274BTechECE2012Unknown Isha Arora Infosys Ltd.
275BTechCHE2012Unknown Nitin Goyal Infosys Ltd.
276BTechECE2012Unknown Prateek Gupta Infosys Ltd.
277BTechECE2012Unknown Neha Infosys Ltd.
278BTechCSE2012Unknown Rishika Chawla Infosys Ltd.
279BTechECE2012Unknown Aseem Singla Infosys Ltd.
280BTechECE2012Unknown Silky Wadhwa Infosys Ltd.
281BTechECE2012Unknown Malvika Infosys Ltd.
282BTechECE2012Unknown Megha Sharma Infosys Ltd.
283BTechECE2012Unknown Megha Ghai Infosys Ltd.
284MTechCSE2012Unknown Nivedita Makrandi Infosys Ltd.
285BTechCSE2012Unknown Rahul Chauhan Infosys Ltd.
286BTechEE2012Unknown Manish Thakur Grundfos
287BTechCSE2012Unknown Aman Shukla Wipro Ltd.
288BTechCHE2012Unknown Kaptan Singh Paras Lubricants
289BTechCHE2012Unknown Ashish Chopra Kudos Pharmaceuticals
290BTechCSE2012Unknown Vishal Bansal Infogain
291BTechCSE2012Unknown Khwaish Batra Infogain
292BTechCSE2012Unknown Rishika Chawla Sopara Group
293BTechCSE2012Unknown Saurabh Saldi Enbake Consulting
294BTechCSE2012Unknown Vishal Bansal Enbake Consulting
295BTechCSE2012Unknown Anil Rana Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd.
296BTechCSE2012Unknown Neetu Rani Nokia Seimens
297BTechEE2012Unknown Pallvi Raj Nokia Seimens
298BTechEE2012Unknown Ambika Bhardwaj Nokia Seimens
299BTechCSE2012Unknown Sukhdeep Singh Handa Imfinity
300BTechCHE2012Unknown Mandeep Singh Trident IOL
301BTechCHE2012Unknown Chetan Sharma Trident IOL
302BTechCSE2012Unknown Arushi Bhatnagar CISCO
303BTechECE2012Unknown Ayush VVDN Technologies
304BTechCSE2012Unknown Gurpreet Singh Expecient
305BTechCSE2012Unknown Karan Dutta VIPL Solutions
306BTechCSE2012Unknown Nancy Gupta PEC University Chandigarh
307BTechCSE2012Unknown Ena Garg Asia Pacific Corporation Inst. Delhi
308BTechCSE2012Unknown Rupinder Kaur SBS State Technical Campus
309BTechCSE2012Unknown Sukhwinder Singh Deptt of Post, Jalandhar
310BTechCSE2012Unknown Rajbir Singh Thapar University
311BTechCSE2012Unknown Pankaj Goyal UIET,Chandigarh
312BTechCSE2012Unknown Mohit Goyal PIT Kapurthala
313BTechCSE2012Unknown Karan Dutta MS Concordia unv.Canada
314BTechCSE2012Unknown Jessica Goel MS Washington
315BTechCSE2012Unknown Loveneesh Singla CEC, Landran
316BTechCSE2012Unknown Divjot Kaur Thind SBS State Technical Campus
317BTechCSE2012Unknown Bikram Oberoi SBS State Technical Campus
318BTechCHE2012Unknown Supriya SBS State Technical Campus
319BTechCHE2012Unknown Kshama Gautam SBS State Technical Campus
320BTechCHE2012Unknown Harpreet Kaur SBS State Technical Campus
321BTechCSE2012Unknown Karan Dutta CMC Ltd.
322BTechECE2012Unknown Aman Sharma VVDN Technologies
323BTechEE2012Unknown Priyank Yadav Grundfos
324BTechEE2012Unknown Vijay Kumar Garg GVK
325BTechEE2012Unknown Manish Thakur GVK
326BTechCSE2012Unknown Gautam Bhardwaj Vibetech Solutions
327BTechCSE2012Unknown Sarthik Sachdeva Vibetech Solutions
328BTechCSE2012Unknown Maurish Sharma Vibetech Solutions
329DiplomaECE2012Unknown Shashank Gangwar Tech Mahindra
330DiplomaME2012Unknown Sanjay Kr. Nagar Bajaj Motors Ltd
331DiplomaME2012Unknown Pawan Kumar Bajaj Motors Ltd
332DiplomaME2012Unknown Krishna Deo Roy Bajaj Motors Ltd
333DiplomaME2012Unknown Rahul Thappa Bajaj Motors Ltd
334DiplomaME2012Unknown Jaswinder Singh Bajaj Motors Ltd
335DiplomaME2012Unknown Saroj Kumar Bajaj Motors Ltd
336DiplomaME2012Unknown Rahul Rajput Bajaj Motors Ltd
337DiplomaME2012Unknown Jagpal Singh Bajaj Motors Ltd
338MBAMBA2012Unknown Amritpal Singh VibeTech Solutions
339BTechME2012Unknown Amritpal Singh Grundfos
340BTechEE2012Unknown Sumit Kumar Wonder PLC
341BTechCSE2012Unknown Sukhdeep Singh Handa Enbake Consulting Services
342BTechECE2012Unknown Nitish Khanna SHARP Electronics
343BTechCSE2012Unknown Sarthik Sachdeva Ernst & Young (EY)
344BTechCHE2012Unknown Shivani Sharma Max India Group
345BTechCHE2012Unknown Abhinav Goel Max India Group
346BTechME2012Unknown Hitesh Uppal Nestle India Ltd.
347BTechME2012Unknown Vishal Kumar Nestle India Ltd.
348BTechME2012Unknown Manmeet Singh Nestle India Ltd.
349BTechME2012Unknown Sameer Soba Soren Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
350BTechME2012Unknown Vishal Kumar Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
351BTechME2012Unknown Hitesh Uppal Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
352BTechCSE2012Unknown Varinder Pal Singh Enbake Consulting Services
353BTechCHE2012Unknown Ankita Escorts
354BTechME2012Unknown Ankit Trikha Escorts
355BTechCHE2012Unknown Mithilesh Escorts
356BTechEE2012Unknown Parteek Jay Pee
357BTechEE2012Unknown Abhilash Jha GITC Ltd.O
358BTechEE2012Unknown Abhishek Singh Chauhan TAB Technologies
359BTechECE2011Unknown Gurkirpal Kaur Infosys Ltd.
360BTechECE2011Unknown Deepika Infosys Ltd.
361BTechECE2011Unknown Abhishek Sharma Infosys Ltd.
362BTechCHE2011Unknown Megha Arora Infosys Ltd.
363BTechCSE2011Unknown Shyna Dhingra Infosys Ltd.
364BTechCSE2011Unknown Shefali Infosys Ltd.
365BTechCSE2011Unknown Shaveta Garg Infosys Ltd.
366BTechCSE2011Unknown Sahil Jain Infosys Ltd.
367BTechCSE2011Unknown Ruby Goyal Infosys Ltd.
368BTechECE2011Unknown Harjeet Singh Infosys Ltd.
369BTechECE2011Unknown Ishpreet S. Brar Infosys Ltd.
370BTechECE2011Unknown Khushdeep S. Sra Infosys Ltd.
371BTechECE2011Unknown Tanvi Infosys Ltd.
372BTechECE2011Unknown Suhkrit R.P. Singh Infosys Ltd.
373BTechECE2011Unknown Sohit Sharma Infosys Ltd.
374BTechECE2011Unknown Saurabh Garg Infosys Ltd.
375BTechECE2011Unknown Ravneet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
376BTechECE2011Unknown Parul Infosys Ltd.
377BTechECE2011Unknown Mohit Thakur Infosys Ltd.
378BTechECE2011Unknown Mohit Saini Infosys Ltd.
379BTechECE2011Unknown Mayank Monga Infosys Ltd.
380BTechCSE2011Unknown Priya Bhardwaj Infosys Ltd.
381BTechCSE2011Unknown Pooja Infosys Ltd.
382BTechCSE2011Unknown Paras Jain Infosys Ltd.
383BTechCSE2011Unknown Gurpreet Makar Infosys Ltd.
384BTechCSE2011Unknown Gulrena Infosys Ltd.
385BTechCSE2011Unknown Gaurav Bhalla Infosys Ltd.
386BTechCSE2011Unknown Deepika Bansal Infosys Ltd.
387BTechCSE2011Unknown Chandanmeet Narula Infosys Ltd.
388BTechCSE2011Unknown Bhandhanjot Singh Infosys Ltd.
389BTechCSE2011Unknown Arjit Infosys Ltd.
390BTechCSE2011Unknown Amandeep Malhi Infosys Ltd.
391BTechCSE2011Unknown Akshay Jamwal Infosys Ltd.
392BTechCSE2011Unknown Jagdeep Infosys Ltd.
393BTechCSE2011Unknown Komal Infosys Ltd.
394BTechCSE2011Unknown Pankaj Sharma Infosys Ltd.
395BTechCSE2011Unknown Nitika Aggarwal Infosys Ltd.
396BTechCSE2011Unknown Nikita Arora Infosys Ltd.
397BTechCSE2011Unknown Neha Gupta Infosys Ltd.
398BTechCSE2011Unknown Navdeep Singh Infosys Ltd.
399BTechCSE2011Unknown Munish Gupta Infosys Ltd.
400BTechCSE2011Unknown Mehak Gupta Infosys Ltd.
401BTechCSE2011Unknown Manugeet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
402BTechCSE2011Unknown Manik Verma Infosys Ltd.
403BTechCSE2011Unknown Deepam Arora CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
404BTechCSE2011Unknown Mohit Dhawan MS, Canada
405BTechCHE2011Unknown Sarbjeet Kaur Asstt Professor
406BTechCHE2011Unknown Kishanjeet Max India Group
407BTechCHE2011Unknown Gurjeet Kaur Max India Group
408BTechCSE2011Unknown Anshul Jain Syntel Ltd.
409BTechCHE2011Unknown Kishanjeet Singh Khanna Paper Mills
410BTechEE2011Unknown Sukhdev Singh PSEB
411BTechEE2011Unknown Lakhwinder Singh PSEB
412BTechCSE2011Unknown Tajinder Pal Singh V-Serve
413BTechCSE2011Unknown Manish Goyal V-Serve
414BTechCSE2011Unknown Tajinder Pal Singh Enbake Consulting
415BTechCSE2011Unknown Manish Goyal Enbake Consulting
416BTechCSE2011Unknown Shivdev Bhullar MS, Canada
417BTechCSE2011Unknown Nitesh Doomra OATI
418BTechME2011Unknown Saurabh Jain Kangaro Industries
419BTechME2011Unknown Dheeraaj Kumar DFL
420BTechME2011Unknown Ashish Vashishth Benara Udyog, Agra
421BTechCHE2011Unknown Hardeep Kumar Max India Group
422BTechCSE2011Unknown Nitesh Doomra OATI
423BTechEE2011Unknown Sunil Katal Startigic Analysis India
424BTechEE2011Unknown Kuldeep Saini Shivalik Polytechnic
425BTechCSE2011Unknown Manish Kumar V-Serve
426BTechCSE2011Unknown Karanjot Kaur V-Serve
427BTechCSE2011Unknown Chandanmeet Narulla TechLab
428BTechCSE2011Unknown Vikas Garg L & T Infotech
429BTechCSE2011Unknown Dimpy Wadwa L & T Infotech
430BTechCSE2011Unknown Ashish Bajaj L & T Infotech
431BTechCSE2011Unknown Anshul Jain L & T Infotech
432BTechCSE2011Unknown Ankita Singla L & T Infotech
433BTechCSE2011Unknown Anam Khosla L & T Infotech
434BTechME2011Unknown Tushat Dutt Infosys Ltd.
435BTechME2011Unknown Manvendra Bhardwaj Infosys Ltd.
436BTechECE2011Unknown Vishal Bansal Infosys Ltd.
437BTechECE2011Unknown Vishal Sharma L & T Infotech
438BTechECE2011Unknown Makkar Inderpal Singh L & T Infotech
439BTechECE2011Unknown Gagandeep Bhatia L & T Infotech
440BTechCSE2011Unknown Vikas Garg TechLab
441BTechCSE2011Unknown Karanjyot Kaur TechLab
442BTechCSE2011Unknown Bandhanjot Singh TechLab
443BTechECE2011Unknown Rubina Chumber Tavant Technologies
444BTechECE2011Unknown Vishal Mahajan Tavant Technologies
445BTechCSE2011Unknown Sukhwinder Singh Tavant Technologies
446BTechCSE2011Unknown Gurditta Tavant Technologies
447BTechECE2011Unknown Harmanpreet S. Gogia Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
448BTechECE2011Unknown Vivek Rana L & T Infotech
449BTechCSE2010Unknown Amit Bansal Guru Nanak Dev University
450BTechCSE2010Unknown Ankit Bassi Wipro Ltd. technologies
451BTechCSE2010Unknown Charandeep Singh Capgemni India
452BTechCSE2010Unknown Dimple Rani Lovely Professional University
453BTechCSE2010Unknown Gurdeep Singh Punjab Mandi Board
454BTechCSE2010Unknown Gurpreet Kaur SBS College of Engineering & Technology
455BTechCSE2010Unknown Aman Kamboj Lovely Professional University
456BTechCSE2010Unknown Albro  Raheja TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
457BTechME2010Unknown Vikas Salaria Quippo Oil and Gas Exploration
458BTechME2010Unknown Amanpreet Mander University of Calgary
459BTechCSE2010Unknown Neha Steria India Ltd.
460BTechEE2010Unknown Vaibav Kala ABB Ltd.
461BTechEE2010Unknown Ashwani Sahrma Relaince Power Ltd.
462BTechEE2010Unknown Ankur Gupta LLR Polytechnic
463BTechCSE2010Unknown Kshitij Pal Singh University of Delhi
464BTechCSE2010Unknown Kuldeep Kaur Punjabi University
465BTechCSE2010Unknown Surbhi SBS College of Engineering & Technology
466BTechCSE2010Unknown Ravi Chandra Prakash SBS College of Engineering & Technology
467BTechCSE2010Unknown Parvinder Singh SBS College of Engineering & Technology
468BTechCSE2010Unknown Syed Aamiruddin Mtech Jadavpur University Kolkata
469BTechCSE2010Unknown Supandeep Singh Punjab Police, Data Entry Operator
470BTechCSE2010Unknown Sorabh Bajaj Nvish Solution Pvt. Ltd
471BTechCSE2010Unknown Rohit Kumar Yadwindra College of Engg, Talwandi Sabo
472BTechCSE2010Unknown Rishav Palta MS Canada
473BTechCSE2010Unknown Renuka Yadwindra College of Engineering
474BTechCSE2010Unknown Pritpal Singh SBS College of Engineering & Technology
475BTechCSE2010Unknown Parvinder Singh Saini SBS College of Engineering & Technology
476BTechCSE2010Unknown Pankaj Arora Seasia Infotech
477BTechCSE2010Unknown Manu Aggarwal Guru Nanak Dev University
478BTechCSE2010Unknown Gurpreet Kaur SBS College of Engineering & Technology
479BTechCSE2010Unknown Abhishek Puri EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
480BTechECE2010Unknown Mrinal Bhasker Accenture
481BTechECE2010Unknown Amit Kadian Accenture
482BTechECE2010Unknown Ankur Khurana Accenture
483BTechECE2010Unknown Ankur Tondon Accenture
484BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Prinja Accenture
485BTechCSE2010Unknown Raghu Sachdeva Accenture
486BTechECE2010Unknown Garima Joshi Accenture
487BTechCSE2010Unknown Garima Arora Accenture
488BTechCSE2010Unknown Shikha Thakur Accenture
489BTechCSE2010Unknown Siddharth Kapoor Accenture
490BTechCSE2010Unknown Tania Khanna Accenture
491BTechCSE2010Unknown Ruchi Sharma Accenture
492BTechECE2010Unknown Nitesh Mishra Accenture
493BTechCSE2010Unknown Saurabh Sharma Accenture
494BTechCHE2010Unknown Sapna Kapil Max India Group
495BTechCSE2010Unknown Deepinderpreet Singh EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
496BTechCSE2010Unknown Milan Arora EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
497BTechCSE2010Unknown Amit Sharma EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
498BTechCSE2010Unknown Puneet Singla EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
499BTechCSE2010Unknown Harmandeep Singh EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
500BTechCSE2010Unknown Amna Gupta EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
501BTechCSE2010Unknown Rohit Mehra EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
502BTechCSE2010Unknown Himanshu Mudgal EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
503BTechCHE2010Unknown Jaspal Singh Gujrat Flouro Chemicals
504BTechCHE2010Unknown Akhilesh Chadda Gujrat Flouro Chemicals
505BTechCHE2010Unknown Vikrant Joshi Gujrat Flouro Chemicals
506BTechCHE2010Unknown Hardeep Kaur Max India Group
507BTechCSE2010Unknown Vani Aggarwal Accenture
508BTechCSE2010Unknown Saloni Passi Accenture
509BTechME2010Unknown Honey Eastman Industries Ltd.
510BTechME2010Unknown Anurag Veinna Aviations
511BTechME2010Unknown Rajiv Grover Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited
512BTechECE2010Unknown Sudhanshu Jamwal Nokia Siemens
513BTechECE2010Unknown Yogita Bansal Nokia Siemens
514BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Luthra Idea Foundations
515BTechCSE2010Unknown Rohit Kumar Idea Foundations
516BTechCSE2010Unknown Shiffali Gupta Patni Computer Systems
517BTechCSE2010Unknown Ruchi Sharma Patni Computer Systems
518BTechCSE2010Unknown Ajay Chowdhary Patni Computer Systems
519BTechCSE2010Unknown Nisha Monga Patni Computer Systems
520BTechECE2010Unknown Barinder Pal Singh NR SwITC Ltd.hes & Radio Services
521BTechME2010Unknown Mohit Bansal Eastman Industries Ltd.
522BTechCSE2010Unknown Ankit Sharma Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
523BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Luthra Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
524BTechCSE2010Unknown Gursimer Singh Sodhi NM Infotech Solutions
525BTechCSE2010Unknown Varun Singla NM Infotech Solutions
526BTechCSE2010Unknown Ritu Garg NM Infotech Solutions
527BTechCSE2010Unknown Deepika Goyal NM Infotech Solutions
528BTechCSE2010Unknown Pritpal Singh jARC Infotech
529BTechCSE2010Unknown Vivek Gupta jARC Infotech
530BTechME2010Unknown Aditya Prashar Nestle India Ltd.
531BTechECE2010Unknown Kunal Sachdeva Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
532BTechCSE2010Unknown Vani Aggarwal Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
533BTechCSE2010Unknown Shikha Thakur Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
534BTechCSE2010Unknown Simranjyot Singh Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
535BTechCSE2010Unknown Siddharth Kapoor Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
536BTechECE2010Unknown Vishal Sharma NR SwITC Ltd.hes & Radio Services
537BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Verma Sopara Group
538BTechCSE2010Unknown Harin Bansal Headstrong
539BTechCSE2010Unknown Amneet Singh Seasia Infotech
540BTechCSE2010Unknown Ajay Kumar IBM Daksh
541BTechCSE2010Unknown Ajay Oxyent Medical
542BTechCSE2010Unknown Ajay Kumar NextGen Venturi
543BTechCSE2010Unknown Nisha Monga AMDOCS
544BTechCSE2010Unknown Gagandeep Singh AMDOCS
545BTechECE2010Unknown Vilaksh Bansal AMDOCS
546BTechECE2010Unknown Aditi Kalia Infosys Ltd.
547BTechCSE2010Unknown Chetan Chawla Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd.
548BTechCSE2010Unknown Amna Gupta BTES
549BTechME2010Unknown Anil Prinja Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
550BTechCSE2010Unknown Karan Gupta Sapient Corporation
551BTechCSE2010Unknown Manu Karan Sebiz Infotech
552BTechCSE2010Unknown Gursimar Singh Seasia Infotech
553BTechECE2010Unknown Rishi Khurana TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
554BTechCSE2010Unknown Milan Arora TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
555BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Luthra Infosys Ltd.
556BTechCSE2010Unknown Vivek Infosys Ltd.
557BTechCSE2010Unknown Amneet Brar Infosys Ltd.
558BTechCSE2010Unknown Priyanka Maheshwari Infosys Ltd.
559BTechCSE2010Unknown Shifali Gupta Infosys Ltd.
560BTechECE2010Unknown Sukhwinder Singh Infosys Ltd.
561BTechECE2010Unknown Shivani Gupta Infosys Ltd.
562BTechCSE2010Unknown Lovish Bajaj Nebero Systems
563BTechCSE2010Unknown Manu Karan Seasia Infotech
564BTechCSE2010Unknown Jaspreet Singh Seasia Infotech
565BTechME2010Unknown Anurag Arora Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
566BTechCSE2010Unknown Vivek Gupta EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
567BTechCSE2010Unknown Priyanka Maheshwari TATA Consultancy Services
568BTechCSE2010Unknown Varun Singla Dell Services
569BTechCSE2010Unknown Rohit Mehra Dell Services
570BTechCSE2010Unknown Manisha Mahajan Dell Services
571BTechCSE2010Unknown Dolly Jindal Dell Services
572BTechCSE2010Unknown Gagandeep Singh HCL Technologies Infosys Ltd.tem
573BTechCSE2010Unknown Abhishek Puri HCL Technologies Infosys Ltd.tem
574BTechCSE2010Unknown Brij Gopal Enbak Consultancy
575BTechCSE2010Unknown Saurabh Sharma Seasia Infotech
576BTechCSE2010Unknown Pankaj Arora Seasia Infotech
577BTechCSE2010Unknown Rohit Mehra NSPL
578BTechCSE2010Unknown Chetan Chawla EDS Mphasis Limited, Pune
579BTechCSE2010Unknown Himanshu Mudgal TATA Consultancy Services
580BTechCSE2010Unknown Puneet Singla TATA Consultancy Services
581BTechCSE2010Unknown Ajay Kumar Chaudhary TATA Consultancy Services
582BTechME2010Unknown Amit Kumar Jha Sonalika International Tractors Ltd.
583BTechCSE2010Unknown Shivani Arora CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
584BTechCSE2010Unknown Nisha Monga CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
585BTechCSE2010Unknown Gursimer S. Sodhi TATA Consultancy Services
586BTechCSE2010Unknown Jaspreet Singh TATA Consultancy Services
587BTechCSE2010Unknown Albro Raheja TATA Consultancy Services
588BTechCSE2010Unknown Robin Jain TATA Consultancy Services
589BTechCSE2010Unknown Anjul Gupta TATA Consultancy Services
590BTechCSE2010Unknown Harmandeep Gill TATA Consultancy Services
591BTechCSE2010Unknown Vivek Gupta TATA Consultancy Services
592BTechCSE2010Unknown Sahil Luthra TATA Consultancy Services
593BTechCSE2010Unknown Simranjyot Singh TATA Consultancy Services
594BTechCSE2010Unknown Nisha Monga TATA Consultancy Services
595BTechCSE2009Unknown Jaskirat Singh Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
596BTechCSE2009Unknown Ashish Kumar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
597BTechCSE2009Unknown Anu Dhawan Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
598BTechECE2009Unknown Navneet Infosys Ltd.
599BTechECE2009Unknown Saloni Jindal Infosys Ltd.
600BTechECE2009Unknown Nishant Infosys Ltd.
601BTechCSE2009Unknown Harjeet Kumar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
602BTechCSE2009Unknown Gursandeep Singh Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
603BTechCSE2009Unknown Avneesh Manchanda Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
604BTechCSE2009Unknown Jatinder Pal Singh Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
605BTechCSE2009Unknown Nekait Arora Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
606BTechCSE2009Unknown Priyanka Puri Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
607BTechCSE2009Unknown Priyanka Narang Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
608BTechCSE2009Unknown Ravi Sharma Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
609BTechCSE2009Unknown Shifali Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
610BTechECE2009Unknown Amanjot Kaur Infosys Ltd.
611BTechECE2009Unknown Amrinder Kaur Infosys Ltd.
612BTechCSE2009Unknown Ketki L & T Infotech
613BTechCSE2009Unknown Neha Bansal L & T Infotech
614BTechCSE2009Unknown Rohit Saini L & T Infotech
615BTechCSE2009Unknown Nitesh Singla L & T Infotech
616BTechCSE2009Unknown Akhil Sharma L & T Infotech
617BTechCSE2009Unknown Aman Singla L & T Infotech
618BTechCSE2009Unknown Jaskirat Singh Chauhan Infosys Ltd.
619BTechCSE2009Unknown Narain Mittal Infosys Ltd.
620BTechCSE2009Unknown Vishal Gera Infosys Ltd.
621BTechCSE2009Unknown Shiffali Infosys Ltd.
622BTechCSE2009Unknown Shuchi Gupta Infosys Ltd.
623BTechCSE2009Unknown Gursandeep Singh Infosys Ltd.
624BTechECE2009Unknown Nidhi Ghale Infosys Ltd.
625BTechECE2009Unknown Avinash Pratap Infosys Ltd.
626BTechCSE2009Unknown Sajpreet Kaur L & T Infotech
627BTechCSE2009Unknown Rajinder Kumar xIQ Analytic Solutions
628BTechECE2009Unknown Amninder Singfh Intelli-Flex Inc.
629BTechECE2009Unknown Taranvir Singh Accenture
630BTechECE2009Unknown Rupinder Kaur Sra Accenture
631BTechCSE2009Unknown Dinesh Vij Mphasis Limited
632BTechCSE2009Unknown Divjot Singh Arora Mphasis Limited
633BTechCSE2009Unknown Kulwinder Singh Mphasis Limited
634BTechCSE2009Unknown Harjinder Singh Mphasis Limited
635BTechCSE2009Unknown Rajan Manchanda Mphasis Limited
636BTechECE2009Unknown Sunil Kumar Mphasis Limited
637BTechECE2009Unknown Nitish Singla Mphasis Limited
638BTechECE2009Unknown Navtej Singh Mphasis Limited
639BTechECE2009Unknown Guninder Singh Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
640BTechECE2009Unknown Kulpreet Singh Saini Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
641BTechCSE2009Unknown Ravi Sharma xIQ Analytic Solutions
642BTechCSE2009Unknown Manish Gupta Intelli-Flex Inc.
643BTechCSE2009Unknown Anjali Intelli-Flex Inc.
644BTechCSE2009Unknown Sumit Kumar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
645BTechECE2009Unknown Himani Bansal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
646BTechECE2009Unknown Avinash Pratap Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
647BTechECE2009Unknown Ankita Gupta Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
648BTechECE2009Unknown Saloni Jindal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
649BTechECE2009Unknown Navneet Sidhu Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
650BTechECE2009Unknown Gaurav Aggarwal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
651BTechECE2009Unknown Karan Anand Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
652BTechECE2009Unknown Nidhi Ghale Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
653BTechCSE2009Unknown Sameer Gupta Intelli-Flex Inc.
654BTechME2009Unknown Asish Arora Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
655BTechCHE2009Unknown Nitin Sharma Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
656BTechECE2009Unknown Sudhir Kumar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
657BTechECE2009Unknown Ravi Chauhan Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
658BTechECE2009Unknown Salil Mahajan Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
659BTechME2008Unknown Gaurav Goyal Accenture
660BTechCSE2008Unknown Payal Mahajan Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
661BTechCSE2008Unknown Salil Chawla Syntel Ltd.
662BTechCSE2008Unknown Karmjit Singh Persistent Systems
663BTechCSE2008Unknown Chandan Mahajan Persistent Systems
664BTechCSE2008Unknown Divyesh Kumar Persistent Systems
665BTechCSE2008Unknown Nitika Manra Tata ELXSI
666BTechECE2008Unknown Preetika Tata ELXSI
667BTechCHE2008Unknown Divy Malik Accenture
668BTechECE2008Unknown Preetika Accenture
669BTechEE2008Unknown Abhishek Garg Perot Systems
670BTechCSE2008Unknown Mandeep Singh Accenture
671BTechCSE2008Unknown Ajay Bansal Accenture
672BTechCSE2008Unknown Anuj Setia Accenture
673BTechCSE2008Unknown Megha Nayyar Accenture
674BTechCSE2008Unknown Disha Chanana Accenture
675BTechCSE2008Unknown Vimcy Gulati Accenture
676BTechECE2008Unknown Shama Accenture
677BTechECE2008Unknown Rajiv Tata ELXSI
678BTechCSE2008Unknown Akhil Mahajan L & T Infotech
679BTechCSE2008Unknown Ashish Kumar L & T Infotech
680BTechECE2008Unknown Saurav Rana Intelli-Flex Inc.
681BTechECE2008Unknown Shivani Rai Intelli-Flex Inc.
682BTechECE2008Unknown Ankur Aggarwal Intelli-Flex Inc.
683BTechCSE2008Unknown Tarun Mittar Intelli-Flex Inc.
684BTechCSE2008Unknown Nitika Manra Intelli-Flex Inc.
685BTechCSE2008Unknown Shivani Goyal Intelli-Flex Inc.
686BTechCSE2008Unknown Gifty Arora Intelli-Flex Inc.
687BTechCSE2008Unknown Gulzar Singh Intelli-Flex Inc.
688BTechCSE2008Unknown Manu Mehra Intelli-Flex Inc.
689BTechCSE2008Unknown Sahil Sethi Intelli-Flex Inc.
690BTechCSE2008Unknown Salil Chawla Intelli-Flex Inc.
691BTechECE2008Unknown Vikrant Vij L & T Infotech
692BTechCSE2008Unknown Ankur Goyal L & T Infotech
693BTechCSE2008Unknown Sukhdilpreet Kaur L & T Infotech
694BTechCSE2008Unknown Mandeep Singh L & T Infotech
695BTechCSE2008Unknown Sahil Sethi L & T Infotech
696BTechCSE2008Unknown Jasmeen Kaur L & T Infotech
697BTechCSE2008Unknown Nitika Manra Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
698BTechCSE2008Unknown Manu Mehra Perot Systems
699BTechECE2008Unknown Reena Paul Tech Mahindra
700BTechECE2008Unknown Swati Gupta Tech Mahindra
701BTechCSE2008Unknown Akshay Malhotra Tech Mahindra
702BTechCSE2008Unknown Anshdeep Singh Tech Mahindra
703BTechCSE2008Unknown Sunny Sikka Tech Mahindra
704BTechCSE2008Unknown Pankaj Saini Tech Mahindra
705BTechCSE2008Unknown Imreet Singh Tech Mahindra
706BTechCSE2008Unknown Tarun Sharma Tech Mahindra
707BTechCSE2008Unknown Saurabh Seth Tech Mahindra
708BTechCSE2008Unknown Shikha Garg Tech Mahindra
709BTechCSE2008Unknown Sakshi Bhardwaj Tech Mahindra
710BTechCSE2008Unknown Disha Kohli Tech Mahindra
711BTechCSE2008Unknown Esha Gupta Tech Mahindra
712BTechCSE2008Unknown Vandana Gupta Tech Mahindra
713BTechCSE2008Unknown Vasudha Joshi Tech Mahindra
714BTechCSE2008Unknown Priyanka Goel Tech Mahindra
715BTechCSE2008Unknown Mehak Aggarwal Tech Mahindra
716BTechECE2008Unknown Mahima Chaudhary Tech Mahindra
717BTechECE2008Unknown Neha Sodhi Tech Mahindra
718BTechECE2008Unknown Yashika Bansal Tech Mahindra
719BTechCSE2008Unknown Akhil Mahajan Perot Systems
720BTechCHE2008Unknown Abhinav Shrivastav Infosys Ltd.
721BTechME2008Unknown Vasu Rathore Infosys Ltd.
722BTechECE2008Unknown Mohit Kanwar Infosys Ltd.
723BTechECE2008Unknown Vivek Sharma Infosys Ltd.
724BTechCSE2008Unknown Rohit Pal Infosys Ltd.
725BTechEE2008Unknown Samarth Arora Tech Mahindra
726BTechEE2008Unknown Sameer Raheja Tech Mahindra
727BTechME2008Unknown Varun Sharma Tech Mahindra
728BTechME2008Unknown Nishit Verma Tech Mahindra
729BTechME2008Unknown Chandarkiran Tech Mahindra
730BTechME2008Unknown Vikas Kakkar Tech Mahindra
731BTechECE2008Unknown Rohit Sharma Tech Mahindra
732BTechECE2008Unknown Ashish Sabharwal Tech Mahindra
733BTechECE2008Unknown Sachin Bansal Tech Mahindra
734BTechECE2008Unknown Krishab Tech Mahindra
735BTechECE2008Unknown Veerpal Kaur Tech Mahindra
736BTechCSE2008Unknown Nitika Manra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
737BTechCSE2008Unknown Shikha Garg Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
738BTechME2008Unknown Suuny Mutneja L & T Ltd.
739BTechME2008Unknown Arjun K. Mathur Wipro Ltd. BPO
740BTechECE2008Unknown Aditi Kaushal Wipro Ltd. BPO
741BTechECE2008Unknown Kunal Kumar Naliath Wipro Ltd. BPO
742BTechECE2008Unknown Vivek Wipro Ltd. BPO
743BTechECE2008Unknown Krishab Wipro Ltd. BPO
744BTechECE2008Unknown Evenpreet Singh Wipro Ltd. BPO
745BTechECE2008Unknown Kamal Wipro Ltd. BPO
746BTechECE2008Unknown Varinder Pal Kaur Wipro Ltd. BPO
747BTechME2008Unknown Simranjeet Singh  Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.
748BTechECE2008Unknown Manjeet Singh Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
749BTechECE2008Unknown Abhishek Goyal Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
750BTechECE2008Unknown Nitin Garg Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
751BTechECE2008Unknown Manish Kumar Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
752BTechECE2008Unknown Akshdeep Kaur Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
753BTechECE2008Unknown Harmeet Kaur Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
754BTechECE2008Unknown Bhawnish Sharma Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
755BTechECE2008Unknown Varun Verma Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
756BTechME2008Unknown Akhilesh K. Singh Wipro Ltd. BPO
757BTechME2008Unknown Kundam Kumar Wipro Ltd. BPO
758BTechME2008Unknown Gagandeep Singh Wipro Ltd. BPO
759BTechME2008Unknown Aman Narulla BlueStar Ltd.
760BTechME2008Unknown Deepak Anand Nestle India Ltd.
761BTechME2008Unknown Bhatia Nestle India Ltd.
762BTechME2008Unknown Kunal Gheek Nestle India Ltd.
763BTechME2008Unknown Puneet Pal Singh Sonalika Tractors Tractors
764BTechECE2008Unknown Nitin Garg NR SwITC Ltd.hes
765BTechECE2008Unknown Paramdeep Singh NR SwITC Ltd.hes
766BTechECE2008Unknown Manish Kumar NR SwITC Ltd.hes
767BTechECE2008Unknown Kapil Garg NR SwITC Ltd.hes
768BTechECE2008Unknown Abhishel Goyal NR SwITC Ltd.hes
769BTechECE2008Unknown Harinder Pal Singh NR SwITC Ltd.hes
770BTechECE2008Unknown Gagan Bansal NR SwITC Ltd.hes
771BTechECE2008Unknown Manish Bansal NR SwITC Ltd.hes
772BTechECE2008Unknown Kamal Garg NR SwITC Ltd.hes
773BTechME2008Unknown Deepak Anand Wipro Ltd. BPO
774BTechME2008Unknown Akshay Wipro Ltd. BPO
775BTechME2008Unknown Navneet Singh Wipro Ltd. BPO
776BTechECE2008Unknown Harinder Pal Singh Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
777BTechCSE2008Unknown Akshay Malhotra Sapient Corporation
778BTechECE2008Unknown Niveta Arora Perot Systems
779BTechCSE2008Unknown Payal Mahajan Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
780BTechCSE2008Unknown Vasudha Joshi Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
781BTechCSE2008Unknown Rohit Pal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
782BTechCSE2008Unknown Tarun Mittar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
783BTechCSE2008Unknown Jasmeen Kaur Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
784BTechCSE2008Unknown Imreet Singh Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
785BTechCSE2008Unknown Sukhdilpreet Kaur Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
786BTechCSE2008Unknown Sahil Garg Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
787BTechCSE2008Unknown Loveleen Garg Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
788BTechCSE2008Unknown Salil Chawla Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
789BTechCSE2008Unknown Isha Khosla Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
790BTechECE2008Unknown Nikhil Aggarwal IGATE Corporation
791BTechECE2008Unknown Lakhwinder Kaur IGATE Corporation
792BTechME2008Unknown Arjun K. Mathur ITC Ltd. Foods
793BTechCSE2008Unknown Mehak Aggarwal Sierra Atlantics
794BTechCSE2008Unknown Vasudha Joshi Sierra Atlantics
795BTechCSE2008Unknown Vandana Gupta Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
796BTechME2008Unknown Simranjit Singh Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
797BTechECE2008Unknown Chinky Vohra Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
798BTechCSE2008Unknown Vasudha Joshi Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
799BTechCSE2008Unknown Payal Mahajan Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
800BTechECE2008Unknown Rajan Saini Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
801BTechME2008Unknown Gagandeep Singh Gujrat Ambuja Export Ltd.
802BTechME2008Unknown Balram Singla Gujrat Ambuja Export Ltd.
803BTechME2008Unknown Vishal Mahajan Simplex InfraStructure
804BTechEE2008Unknown Omesh Paul Garg Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd.
805BTechCSE2008Unknown Sahil Sethi Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
806BTechCSE2008Unknown Disha Chanana Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
807BTechEE2008Unknown Chandarkant Joshi Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
808BTechECE2008Unknown Hardeep S. Dhaliwal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
809BTechECE2008Unknown Nupur Raina Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
810BTechECE2008Unknown Rohit Sharma Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
811BTechECE2008Unknown Neha Sodhi Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
812BTechECE2008Unknown Nikhil Aggarwal Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
813BTechCSE2008Unknown Imreet Singh Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
814BTechECE2008Unknown Shama Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
815BTechEE2008Unknown Aastha Prashar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
816BTechEE2007Unknown Jaya Panday Infosys Ltd.
817BTechEE2007Unknown Kumarv Shwetank Infosys Ltd.
818BTechEE2007Unknown Harmanjeet Singh Infosys Ltd.
819BTechEE2007Unknown Ramesh Jolly Infosys Ltd.
820BTechME2007Unknown Vishal Dhall Infosys Ltd.
821BTechECE2007Unknown Rohit Kumar Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
822BTechEE2007Unknown Ajay K. Yadav Infosys Ltd.
823BTechECE2007Unknown Saurabh Sharma Infosys Ltd.
824BTechECE2007Unknown Gaganbir Kaur Infosys Ltd.
825BTechECE2007Unknown Yogesh Jindal Infosys Ltd.
826BTechECE2007Unknown Deepti Vij Infosys Ltd.
827BTechCSE2007Unknown Anuj Sharma Infosys Ltd.
828BTechCSE2007Unknown Ankit Vasudeva Infosys Ltd.
829BTechCSE2007Unknown Shaveta Gandhi Infosys Ltd.
830BTechCSE2007Unknown Nirmalpreet Kaur Infosys Ltd.
831BTechCSE2007Unknown Kapil Saini Infosys Ltd.
832BTechECE2007Unknown Rohit Dhir Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
833BTechECE2007Unknown Neelu Monga Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
834BTechME2007Unknown Parmpal Singh Wipro Ltd.
835BTechCSE2007Unknown Sachu Gandotra Wipro Ltd.
836BTechCSE2007Unknown Deepali Wipro Ltd.
837BTechCSE2007Unknown Gunpreet Kaur Wipro Ltd.
838BTechCSE2007Unknown Ankita Gulati Wipro Ltd.
839BTechCSE2007Unknown Gauri Mehta Wipro Ltd.
840BTechME2007Unknown Manpreet Singh L & T Ltd. Ltd.
841BTechME2007Unknown Mridul Sahdev L & T Ltd. Ltd.
842BTechCSE2007Unknown Himani Khanna Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
843BTechEE2007Unknown Meenakshi Garg Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
844BTechEE2007Unknown Anirbon Rai Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
845BTechPE2007Unknown Anjum Denial Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
846BTechME2007Unknown Prabhjot Maggo Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
847BTechCSE2007Unknown Vishal Vinayak Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
848BTechCSE2007Unknown Sheenam Garg Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
849BTechECE2007Unknown Gurloveleen Kaur Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
850BTechME2007Unknown Gaurav Mahna Wipro Ltd.
851BTechCSE2007Unknown Dev Ghai Infosys Ltd.
852BTechECE2007Unknown Karan Khullar Intelli-Flex Inc.
853BTechCSE2007Unknown Ramandeep Singh Intelli-Flex Inc.
854BTechECE2007Unknown Brijesh Vashisht Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
855BTechECE2007Unknown Gagandeep Sharma Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
856BTechCSE2007Unknown Sarita Singh Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
857BTechCSE2007Unknown Atul Gupta Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
858BTechCSE2007Unknown Amanpreet Singh Birlasoft (India) Ltd.
859BTechECE2007Unknown Rajinder K. Lakhanpal Syntel Ltd.
860BTechECE2007Unknown Piyush Kaushal Syntel Ltd.
861BTechECE2007Unknown Chetan Vohra Syntel Ltd.
862BTechCSE2007Unknown Bikram Jit Singh Syntel Ltd.
863BTechECE2007Unknown Rishab Puri HCL Technologies
864BTechECE2007Unknown Bhavya Garg HCL Technologies
865BTechCSE2007Unknown Nikhil Gupta HCL Technologies
866BTechCSE2007Unknown Ramandeep Klair HCL Technologies
867BTechECE2007Unknown Tejinder Kaur Intelli-Flex Inc.
868BTechME2007Unknown Deepak Rajwani Intelli-Flex Inc.
869BTechCSE2007Unknown Ankit Madan Tech Mahindra (MBT)
870BTechCSE2007Unknown Bikram Jit Singh Infosys Ltd.
871BTechME2007Unknown Manav Jindal Tech Mahindra (MBT)
872BTechME2007Unknown Manik Mittal Tech Mahindra (MBT)
873BTechEE2007Unknown Ravishar Singh Tech Mahindra (MBT)
874BTechEE2007Unknown Rahul Bisla Tech Mahindra (MBT)
875BTechECE2007Unknown Sarabpreet Kaur Tech Mahindra (MBT)
876BTechECE2007Unknown Ashish Sharma Tech Mahindra (MBT)
877BTechECE2007Unknown Mridula Kapoor Tech Mahindra (MBT)
878BTechECE2007Unknown Paras Loomba Tech Mahindra (MBT)
879BTechCSE2007Unknown Vishal Vinayak Tech Mahindra (MBT)
880BTechCSE2007Unknown Samir Dhall Tech Mahindra (MBT)
881BTechCSE2007Unknown Sakshi Mehta Tech Mahindra (MBT)
882BTechCSE2007Unknown Navdeep Singh Tech Mahindra (MBT)
883BTechCSE2007Unknown Divya Gupta Tech Mahindra (MBT)
884BTechCSE2007Unknown Amandeep Kaur Tech Mahindra (MBT)
885BTechME2007Unknown Shitij Arora Reliance Industries
886BTechME2007Unknown Mayank Sharma Wipro Ltd.
887BTechCSE2007Unknown Kanwaljitt Kaur HCL Technologies
888BTechCSE2007Unknown Manjula Gupta L & T Infotech
889BTechCSE2007Unknown Gagandep Singh L & T Infotech
890BTechCSE2007Unknown Vishal Vinayak Wipro Ltd. Infotech
891BTechCSE2007Unknown Atul Gupta Wipro Ltd. Infotech
892BTechME2007Unknown Manav Jindal Reliance Industries
893BTechECE2007Unknown Piyush Kaushal ITC Ltd.
894BTechECE2007Unknown Ankush Gakkhar ITC Ltd.
895BTechME2007Unknown Ritesh Uppal ITC Ltd.
896BTechME2007Unknown Manav Jindal ITC Ltd.
897BTechME2007Unknown Pritish Mukherjee SKF India
898BTechCHE2007Unknown Ekta Dixit CIPLA
899BTechEE2007Unknown Kulwinder Singh FIC Corporation
900BTechPE2007Unknown Gauran Vats Hero Cycles
901BTechME2007Unknown Amandeep Singh Hero Cycles
902BTechME2007Unknown Rahul Chopra Hero Cycles
903BTechCSE2007Unknown Ekta Midha L & T Infotech
904BTechCSE2007Unknown Pankaj Kathuria L & T Infotech
905BTechCSE2007Unknown Sheenam Garg L & T Infotech
906BTechCSE2007Unknown Rishab Puri Cognizant Technology Solutions
907BTechCSE2007Unknown Kirandeep Singh Cognizant Technology Solutions
908BTechECE2007Unknown Navdeep Kaur Cambridge Solutions
909BTechCSE2007Unknown Gaurav Jain TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
910BTechCSE2007Unknown Dev Ghai TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
911BTechECE2007Unknown Ravinder Kaur Wipro Ltd. Technologies
912BTechECE2007Unknown Amandeep Singh Bhulli NR SwITC Ltd.
913BTechECE2007Unknown Sukhjinder Singh NR SwITC Ltd.
914BTechECE2007Unknown Rakesh NR SwITC Ltd.
915BTechECE2007Unknown Sumit Chauhan NR SwITC Ltd.
916BTechME2007Unknown Yash Dogra L & T Infotech
917BTechME2007Unknown Karan Sharma L & T Infotech
918BTechECE2007Unknown Dipti Vij L & T Infotech
919BTechEE2007Unknown Simil Aggarwal L & T Infotech
920BTechCSE2007Unknown Parmindarpal Kaur L & T Infotech
921BTechME2007Unknown Manik Sood Hero Cycles
922BTechCSE2007Unknown Tushar Goyal Infosys Ltd. BPO
923BTechME2007Unknown Ravi Walia Sonalika Tractors
924BTechME2007Unknown Pritish Mukherji Sonalika Tractors
925BTechME2007Unknown Rahul Khanna HCL Technologies Tech
926BTechME2007Unknown Rohit Arora HCL Technologies Tech
927BTechCSE2007Unknown Sakar Matto HCL Technologies Tech
928BTechECE2007Unknown Neelu Monga Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
929BTechCSE2007Unknown Siddharth Chawla Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
930BTechCSE2007Unknown Megha Sharma Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
931BTechME2007Unknown Viplove Arora Tata Chemical Ltd.
932BTechME2007Unknown Satinder Singh Tata Chemical Ltd.
933BTechME2007Unknown Davesh Sharma Tata Chemical Ltd.
934BTechME2007Unknown Ankur Gupta Tata Chemical Ltd.
935BTechCSE2007Unknown Priyanka Gandhi Safenet Inc.
936BTechEE2007Unknown Navish Kumar Wipro Ltd.
937BTechME2007Unknown Akhil Khullar Wipro Ltd.
938BTechME2007Unknown Inderpreet Bhamra Sonalika Tractors
939BTechME2007Unknown Anup Kumar Sonalika Tractors
940BTechME2007Unknown Rajan Gupta Sonalika Tractors
941BTechEE2007Unknown Perminder Singh Schneider Electric Pvt. Ltd
942BTechCSE2007Unknown Kunwar Luthra L & T Infotech
943BTechCSE2007Unknown Himani Khanna Flextronics International Ltd.
944BTechME2007Unknown Shitiz Arora Tata Consultancy Engg.
945BTechME2007Unknown Ronak Singh Tata Consultancy Engg.
946BTechME2007Unknown Retaish Uppal Tata Consultancy Engg.
947BTechEE2007Unknown Vinit Mahajan Indian Army
948BTechCHE2007Unknown Parshant Gaur Wipro Ltd. Infotech
949BTechME2007Unknown Rahul Khanna Wipro Ltd. Infotech
950BTechECE2007Unknown Paras Loomba National Insturments
951BTechME2007Unknown Kapil Kalra Punjab Tractors Ltd.
952BTechME2007Unknown Gurpartap Singh Punjab Tractors Ltd.
953BTechME2007Unknown Sahil Ghai Punjab Tractors Ltd.
954BTechME2007Unknown Abhinav Rishi Tech Mahindra Ltd.
955BTechECE2007Unknown Ankur Bahri Tech Mahindra Ltd.
956BTechME2007Unknown Karan Aggarwal Wipro Ltd.

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