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Department & Head

The Department of Computer Science was started in 1996 to cater to needs of IT Industry and provide at home learning opportunity to border area students. Department has highly dedicated, motivated, well qualified and experienced faculty. Initial Intake of the department in 1996 was only 40 in B.Tech. whereas at present it is having B.Tech. intake of 120 M.Tech. intake of 18. We feel proud when we see our students well placed in the top IT companies like Infosys, IBM, Microsoft, TCS, Accenture, Tech Mahindra and many more. Department of Computer Science Engineering endeavours to develop the competencies in the students for any challenge in their professional practice, research and contribution to society. Students are encouraged to take up live projects from the Industries, which will help them to sharpen their skills in practice.

Mrs.Daljeet Kaur

Departmental Vision

To be identified as a preferred destination for professional studies responsive to industrial and societal needs of the country.

Departmental Mission

  1. Development of technically competent manpower with requisite analytical, theoretical and managerial skill and practical exposure.
  2. All round development of students, staff and faculty by providing conducive environment and infrastructure for learning, skill development and research.
  3. Imbibing versatility, adaptability and yearning for excellence amongst students with highest ethical values as their inner strength.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. To equip students with sound knowledge in the sciences and engineering fundamentals necessary for nurturing their problem-solving ability.
  2. To prepare students for higher learning and research.
  3. To prepare students for higher learning and research.
  4. To provide exposure of current technologies, adequate training and opportunity to work as team in professional environment.

Program Outcomes

On completion of B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, the graduate will
  1. Attain ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and Engineering fundamentals appropriate to the domain.
  2. Apply their software development skill to design and implement commercial systems consisting of hardware and/or software.
  3. Attain ability to practice as competent computer professional, with yearn for learning and employing emerging technologies.
  4. Have ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as cost, environmental, societal, health & safety, maintenance and feasibility.
  5. Have understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  6. Able to communicate effectively with peers, superiors, subordinates, clients and other stakeholders.
  7. Have multi-domain knowledge so that they can successfully participate in multi-disciplinary team efforts.
  8. Have ability to work as a team in diverse social and professional environments.
  9. Have ability to recognize the need for life-long learning, and pursue higher education as per the needs of their current and future professional practice.
  10. Have ability to design and develop solutions of varying complexities.

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