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About Us:

Consultancy Cell was established in the year 2013 with a basic aim to provide quality service for technical problems at reasonable and affordable rates.
Er. Bohar Singh
Dean (Consultancy Cell)
Mobile: +918146992581

Customer Satisfaction:

We are a customer-oriented organization and thus lay special emphasis upon achieving 100% customer satisfaction through matchless services and following ethical business practices. Also, while performing any task our professionals take care of each and every requirement and expectation of the clients.

Our Competitive Edge:

Following factors have helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the industry:
  1. Reliable & accurate services
  2. Experienced team of professionals
  3. Advanced tools & equipment
  4. Timeliness
  5. Competitive pricing policy
  6. Prompt customer support


  1. Soil Testing
  2. Highway Material Testing
  3. Structural Material Testing
  4. Environmental/Water Testing
  5. Engineering Design and Vetting
  6. Special Testing
  7. Surveying

Soil Testing:

  1. Bearing Capacity by SPT and Plate Load Test
  2. Consolidation Test
  3. Direct Shear Test
  4. Tri-axial Test
  5. Hydrometer Analysis
  6. Specific Gravity Test
  7. Moisture Content, Field density by Core Cutter Test
  8. Moisture Content, Field density by Sand Replacement Test
  9. Relative Density Test
  10. Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Plasticity Index
  11. Standard Proctor Test
  12. Modified Proctor Test
  13. Unconfined Compressive Strength Test
  14. Permeability Test
  15. California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)
  16. Soil Brick Test
  17. Modulus of Sub-grade Reaction

Highway Material Testing:

  1. Crushing Value Test
  2. Abrasion Value Test
  3. Impact Value Test
  4. Gradation Test
  5. Flakiness Index Test
  6. Elongation Index Test
  7. Water absorption Test
  8. Penetration Test
  9. Ductility Test
  10. Softening Point Test
  11. Flash & Fire Point Test
  12. Viscosity Test
  13. Stripping Value Test
  14. Bitumen content Test
  15. Road Roughness using Rough-o-meter Test
  16. Benkelman Beam Deflection Test
  17. Design of Flexible Pavement
  18. Design of Rigid Pavement
  19. Design of Overlay for Flexible Pavement

Structural Material Testing:

  1. Testing of Cement, Sand, Aggregates, Concrete, Reinforcement, Timber
  2. Testing of Bricks, Tiles, Flooring, Pavers etc.
  3. Concrete Mix Design
  4. Chemical Tet of Mortar/Concrete
  5. Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete

Environmental/Water Testing:

  1. Water Testing
  2. Effluent Testing
  3. B.O.D Test
  4. C.O.D Test
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment
  6. Environmental Auditing

Engineering Design and Vetting:

  1. Structural Design of RC buildings, Steel buildings
  2. Structural design of Commercial and residential units
  3. Structural Design of Water Supply & Sewage Treatment Plants
  4. Structural Design of Effluent Treatment Plants
  5. Structural Design of Underground Reservoirs
  6. Quality assurance and Structural safety certification
  7. Structural safety certificate to the building


  1. Topographical Survey
  2. Preparation of Digital Maps
  3. Levelling

Special Testing:

  1. Non-Destructive Testing using Ultra Sonic Technique
  2. Non-Destructive Testing using Rebound Hammer Technique
  3. Testing of existing OHSRs
  4. Testing of Submersible Pumps
  5. Testing of Centrifugal Pumps
  6. Testing and Rating of electric motors
  7. Earth Resistivity test
  8. Testing of Transformer oil


We charge very affordable rate for every type of problem. It differs depending upon type of work. Kindly contact Consultancy Cell to get exact amount of professional fee applicable for your work.


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