Department of Chemical Engineering
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Funded Projects

S.No.Project Title File No. and Date Coordinators AmountPeriod Status
1Modernization of Computational LabAICTE-MODROB
12/AICTE/RIFD/MOD(Policy-2)-99/2012-13 dated 5.02.2013
Dr Rajeev Kumar Garg
5.75 Lac2013-2014Completed
2Modernization of Heat Transfer LabAICTE-MODROB
8024/RIFD/MOD-264/2011-12 dated 21.12.2011
Dr Rajeev Kumar Garg
1.5 Lac2011-2012Completed
3Modernization of Mass Transfer LabAICTE-MODROB
8023/RID/BOR/MOD-97/2005-06 dated 17.02.2006
Dr Pushpa Paul
10 Lac2005-2006Completed
4Waste Management, Effluent Treatment and RecyclingAICTE-RPS
8021/RID/NPROJ/TAP-17/2002-03 dated 21.12.2002
Dr Pushpa Paul
Mr Raj Kumar
20 Lac2002-2003InProgress

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