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ICCCS-2014 Conference Proceeding

S. No.Paper Title & Authors (Preamble Section of Conference Proceeding)PDF
1.Comparative Analysis of EDDEEC & Fuzzy Cost Based EDDEEC Protocol for WSNs
Baljinder Kaur and Parveen Kakkar
2.Technologies to Handle Big Data: A Survey
Sabia and Love Arora
3.Comparative Study of Conventional Random Diagonal Code and Random Diagonal Code with EDFA for Spectral Amplitude-Coding Optical CDMASystem
Bhanu Priya and Himali Sarangal
4.Performance Evaluation of CI Based Routing Protocols for WSNs
Palvinder Singh Mann and Satvir Singh
5.Performance Analysis of Zero Cross-Correlation Code in Spectral Amplitude Coding-OCDMA
Meet Kumari and Himali Sarangal
6.Workflow Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
Neha Kapoor and Parveen Kakkar
7.Wireless Sensor Network: Threat Models and Security Issues
Reenkamal Kaur Gill, Priya Chawla and Monika Sachdeva
8.A Survey of VANET Routing Protocols
Aarja Kaur and Sabia
9.A Survey on Mobility Management Techiques in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Richa Sharma and Jyoteesh Malhotra
10.Survey on Various Security Attacks and the Mitigation Techniques for MANET
Ashima Mittal and Satwinder Singh
11.Advance Stable Election Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mandeep Singh and Navjot Sidhu
12.Security Enhancement in AODV Protocol against Network Layer Attacks
Khushmeet Singh and Amanpreet Kaur
13.Impact of Denial of Service Attack on the Virtualization in Cloud Computing
Kanika and Navjot Sidhu
14.A Survey on Distributed Localization Techniques in Acoustic Underwater Sensor Network
Manpreet and Jyoteesh Malhotra
15.Performance Analysis of AODV for Wormhole Attack Using Different Mobility Models
Gurmeet Kaur and Amanpreet Kaur
16.Challenges to WiMAX QoS Scheduling and its Mitigation Schemes – A Review
Harsukhpreet Singh, Vaibhav Pandey and Anita Mishra
17.Active and Passive Power Conservation Mechanisms in MAC Layer in WSN
Rachna Biala and Jyoteesh Malhotra
18.A Comprehensive Survey on Various Evolutionary Algorithms on GPU
Satvir Singh, Jaspreet Kaur and Rashmi Sharan Sinha
19.DDoS Attacks Impact Analysis on Web Service Using Emulation
Daljeet Kaur and Monika Sachdeva
20.Recent Flash Events: A Study
Avneet Dhingra and Monika Sachdeva
21.Survey of Stability Based Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Mandeep Kaur Gulati and Krishan Kumar
22.Wireless Sensor Network Security Challenges and Attacks: A Review
Navjot Sidhu, Monika Sachdeva and Krishan Kumar
23.A New Robust and Secure Approach to SVD-3 Level DWT Video Watermarking
Pawandeep Kaur and Sonika Jindal
24.A Review: IPTV over WiMAX Networks
Rajdeep Kaur and Seema Baghla
25.Classification of Software Projects Based on Software Metrics: A Review
Kunal Chopra, Monika Sachdeva and Sunil Dhawan
26.A Review of Handoff and Location Management Techniques in Ad-hoc Networks
Aanchal Bawa and Jyoteesh Malhotra
27.A Review of Trends and Opportunities for Data Mining Applications in Telecommunications Industry
Parmpreet Kaur and Jyoteesh Malhotra
28.Network Programmability Using POX Controller
Sukhveer Kaur, Japinder Singh and Navtej Singh Ghumman
29.Mininet as Software Defined Networking Testing Platform
Karamjeet Kaur, Japinder Singh and Navtej Singh Ghumman
30.Time Synchronization Strategies in Wireless Sensor Network: A Review
Ekta and Jyoteesh Malhotra
31.Applications of Data Mining – A Survey
Lovedeep and Sabia
32.Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Networks: A Review
Vikas Singla, Monika Sachdeva and Sunil Kumar Gupta
33.Taxonomy of Network Layer Multicast Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Kanwalpreet Kaur, Krishan Kumar Saluja and Rajdeep Singh
34.A Survey on Leach and its Descendant Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
Divya Prabha and Vishal Kumar Arora
35.Performance Research on Firefly Optimization Algorithm with Mutation
Sankalap Arora and Satvir Singh
36.A Competent Study of Hybrid Routing Protocols of MANETs Using NS-2 Simulator
Rohit Kumar, Meenakshi Sharma, Navdeep Kaur and Gurjeevan Singh
37.A Survey on Face Detection Techniques
Vikram Mutneja and Satvir Singh
38.Audio Steganography Using LSB Edge Detection Algorithm
Navneet Kaur and Sunny Behal
39.Implementation of 10Gbps Downstream OFDM-EPON Transmission System
Shivani Sharma and Vishal Sharma
40.Hybrid Improved Max Min Ant Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud
Rajwinder Kaur and Navtej Ghumman
41.BER Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using Various Modulation Schemes
Vishal Sharma and Gurpreet Singh
42.Study of LEACH Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Reenkamal Kaur Gill, Priya Chawla and Monika Sachdeva
43.Current Methods in Medical Image Segmentation: A Review
Ramandeep Kaur and Jaswinder Kaur
44.Biogeography Based Optimization for Gain Maximization of Fifteen-Element Yagi-Uda Antenna
Gagan Sachdeva, Dilpal Singh and Satvir Singh
45.A Review on Performance Comparison of Artificial Intelligence Techniques Used for Intrusion Detection
Navaneet Kumar Sinha, Gulshan Kumar and Krishan Kumar
46.Performance Comparison of Wavelet Based and Conventional OFDM Systems – A Review
Vishal Sharma, Harleen Kaur and Gurpreet Singh
47.Performance Analysis of MIMO Systems Using Equalizer and Combiner Techniques
Ekta Khurana and Jaswinder Kaur
48.A Semi Blind DWT-SVD Video Watermarking Under Attacks
Divjot Kaur Thind and Sonika Jindal
49.Performance Evaluation of AODV Protocol in MANET Using OPNET
Rahul Kumar and Monika Sachdeva
50.Smart Transmitters and Receivers for Underwater Free-Space Optical Communication – A Review
Navneet Kaur Bajwa and Vishal Sharma
51.Fuzzy Systems Using GPGPU – A Survey
Satvir Singh and Shivani Kakkar
52.Simulative Analysis of 10 Gb/s Coherent Detection Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Based Optical Communication System
Anu Sheetal, Harjit Singh and Ajay Kumar
53.Analysis of Confinement Factor in SOA for Optical Communication System
Aruna Rani and Sanjeev Dewra
54.Analysis of 64 × 10 Gbps Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing System Using Optimized RAMAN-EDFA Hybrid Optical Amplifier
Garima Arora and Sanjeev Dewra
55.Performance Analysis of VMM Using LINPACK and CLOUDSIM
Bohar Singh, Pawan Luthra and Bindu Bala
56.Application of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic – A Review
Satvir Singh, Inderjeet Singh Gill, Sarabjeet Singh and Gaurav Dhawan
57.Converting Waste Agricultural Biomass into Electrical Energy – Indian Perspective
Navneet Kaur
58.Speedup of Type-1 Fuzzy Logic Systems on Graphics Processing Units Using CUDA
Durlabh Chauhan, Satvir Singh, Sarabjeet Singh and Vijay Kumar Banga
59.Authors Index and End Page

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